Chris Evans and pooch Dodger celebrated National Rescue Dog Day

Chris Evans and pooch Dodger celebrated National Rescue Dog Day

Chris Evans and Pooch Dodger celebrate National Rescue Dog Day

In 2017, an Avenger who was a shelter-bound dog found a loving home for him couldn’t keep his hands from a puppy.

Chris Evans shared another picture of Dodger, his rescue puppy, on Instagram yesterday. It was five years after the original. It was to celebrate National Rescue Dog Day.

He is joined by his friend, a Marvel actor. Evans, 40 years old, controls the car while Evans, a boxer mixed dog, rests on Evans’ shoulder.

Evans’ last-year’s ‘gram at National Rescue Dog Day states that Dodger was initially found by Evans in Savannah GA.

Evans said that it was Dodger’s first meeting. The caption date May 20, 2021. This happened while Evans was filming a scene at shelter. Although I did not intend to rescue that dog on the day, I became smitten with him as soon as I saw him.

The “Captain America” leader man fell in love with Dodger, then called Benny.


He stated, “There are many loving animals at shelters that need a home. You can bring a friend along to shelters.

Evans attends the Los Angeles premiere for “Avengers: Endgame”.

Getty Images of Disney

Evans recorded a short clip from his “hangout” with Dodger at the shelter in February 2019 as part of Love Your Pet Day, which is companion animal-centric.

According to “Captain America,” the leader of Captain America said that he had been “there about one month.” He could run so fast!

Lauren Conrad and Ariel Winter were among the brave faces who took part in yesterday’s photo-sharing rescue dog party.

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