Astrid Menks: 11 Crazy Facts About Her Open Marriage, Thrifting, and Immigration!

astrid menks

Warren Buffett claims that his success is due to the wives Susie Menks and Astrid Menks. Even though he had a lot of money, the women in him’s life made it possible for him to make more than just “breakup” relationships. If Warren Buffett were involved, one would expect that a divorce would result in a very costly solution to cheating. Astrid Menks was a new member of Warren Buffett’s family. He wasn’t trying to replace Susie (his spouse) or take away their children. Susie, who was already married for 25-years, accepted Astrid as her partner. Astrid was not going to be Warren’s bride, she accepted the possibility. These are some interesting facts about Warren Buffett’s second wife.

Astrid Menks Warren Buffett’s Second Wife: Warren Buffett’s Life Story

Astrid Menks worked as a waitress in a bar.

Third-wealthiest man’s wife is not socialite.

Astrid began her career as a waitress in Omaha’s French Cafe. Buffett’s wife Susie sang at the same café and was kind to employees.

Astrid Menks was involved in a love triad:

The legend states that Warren’s first spouse, Susie, knew about his relationship with Astrid. She also supported it. Warren Buffett had an open relationship to his wife while he was married.

Susan lived and worked in several countries as she pursued her interests. Astrid’s marriage was just one example. They often saw each other, and sometimes held hands.

You are an animal lover:

Astrid Menks has many passions, including her charitable work at the Zoo. She was married to the Latvian-American philanthropist and together they donated millions of dollars to Zoo. They also helped create charities that Susan founded before her death.

Astrid Menks and Warren lived together happily for three- to four decades before they were married.

Many sources state that the couple was married for at least forty years. Susie was killed in 2004. The other Buffett got married in 2006. It was two years since Susie died. Astrid was patient and patience-oriented, which is something that most women would not have. Many women are not Astrid Menks, let’s be honest.

Warren Buffett’s wives both were featured on their Christmas cards:

Most men try to cover up the fact that their love lives include two women. Warren Buffet wasn’t one of these men, but perhaps Susie or Astrid wouldn’t mind. In fact, the Christmas cards sent out from the Buffet family both include Warren and his 2 lovers – Susie, and Astrid. It was signed by the trio together. They even displayed their pride at this unusual arrangement. Although they enjoyed their work together, they didn’t hide it. They also did not want to show it off.

She’s originally from Latvia and immigrated to the USA:

Astrid, like many Americans, is an immigrant from Latvia. It would also be close to Russia, for those who are not geographically inclined.

Latvian-American Philanthropist, now known as the American philanthropist, was born in Latvia on the Baltic Sea between Estonia and Lithuania. Latvia’s beautiful Art Nouveau architecture and forests are what make it so popular.

Although it wasn’t her dream job, she did find her American dream by working as a waitress at a bar. Not to mention, it paid off as Susan saw Astrid Menks and soon the Astrid Menks-Susan Buffett’s friendship love triangle meant that this Russian lady would be married to one of the most wealthy men on earth!

Warren used to have a particular soup made by Astrid Menks:

There is an old cliche that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, which means that you can make some memories with food! This was exactly what happened as some sort of special soup was a part of Astrid and Warren’s early courtship. According to certain sources, Astrid would take it to her home. The rest is history.

Multi-billionaires host extravagant parties for their birthdays, or get married to Astrid Meks:

Rather than celebrate his 76th birthday, Warren Buffett’s birthday wish might have been to marry his longtime companion Astrid. On August 30, 2006, the couple got married.

Many multi-millionaires throw extravagant weddings, where even the gown costs more than a million dollars.

However, Warren and Astrid simply opted for a very cozy and private ceremony where they exchanged vows in front of a few friends and his children – the man knows how to save money too!

Warren Buffett featured both Warren Buffett’s wife on his Christmas cards.

Many men try to hide the fact they are in a relationship with two women. Warren Buffet didn’t belong to these men but maybe Susie or Astrid wouldn’t mind. Actually, Warren and Astrid were both included in the Christmas cards the Buffet family sent. The two of them signed the agreement together and took great pride in this unusual arrangement. Although they enjoyed the work and did not hide their feelings, they were also happy to collaborate.

She was born in Latvia and immigrated to the USA in 2004.

Astrid, just like so many Americans is an immigrant who came from Latvia. For those who are geographically disinclined, this would be close to Russia.

Latvian-American philanthropist is now the American Philanthropist. He was born in small Estonian country on the Baltic Sea, between Lithuania and Estonia. Latvia is known for its stunning art nouveau architecture, beaches, and other artistic qualities.

Although she didn’t find the job of her dreams, it was her American dream to work as a waitress in a bar. It was also a great decision as Susan met Astrid Menks, and soon the friendship love triangle between Astrid Menks & Susan Buffett meant that this Russian woman would marry one of the richest men on the planet.

Warren had a soup that Astrid Menks made.

Food is the greatest way to create memories. Warren and Astrid were in the early stages of their courtship. A special soup became an important part of their relationship. According to some sources, Astrid brought the soup to Warren’s house. The rest is history.

Multibillionaires throw extravagant birthday parties or marry Astrid Menks.

Warren Buffett could have had Astrid as his long-time companion. On August 30, 2006, they were married.

A multi-billionaire can afford lavish weddings where the bridesmaid’s dress is more than a million.

Warren and Astrid decided to have a intimate and private ceremony where they would exchange vows in front of a handful of friends. This man can save a lot!

Thrifting can be legal:

Warren, Astrid and their children are an excellent example of a man that can save money.

Amazing to consider that billionaires share a similar trait, thriftiness, even though they have lots of money.

Their wealth isn’t the only thing that makes them happy. Warren is a McDonald’s lover and prefers to eat a McDonald’s hamburger and cherry coke than savouring each meal in an extravagant setting.

The Omaha house they bought was just $31,000 when he purchased it. They have not moved since.

The ‘power couple’ will live as though the world is their oyster and instead spend every penny they have. Warren, multi-billionaire investor, pledged that he would donate the majority of his fortune after he died.

Astrid Saved Warren was his daughter.

Astrid, Susan Alice Buffett Warren’s daughter, credits Astrid for basically saving her father. It implied, even though she did not say it explicitly, that her mother had abandoned her for her personal interests for over two decades. Her mother could not bear to lose her father.

Astrid filled the role, and Susie was happy to find someone who could. While she knows it won’t work everywhere, her parents were happy with it.

Astrid Menks does not want to be well-known.

Her reputation as a philanthropist is modest. But she is a philanthropist with a small reputation and has never been in scandal or entered rehab. Astrid Menks has a very laid-back personality. Like many other wealthy women, Astrid Menks has never had to appear in court on charges of mistreating employees or traffic violations/DUI.

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