Ashley Piercing: A Stud Amongst Lip Piercings

ashley pierce

Do you have an Ashley-named boyfriend/girlfriend? The ashley-piercing will require more commitment than your soulmate. It’s going to look great!

What does an Ashley piercing look like?

It looks like the ashley piercing is a cousin of the well-known vertical labret. They are both related but there are subtle differences. There are two exits for the Ashley piercing. One at your lower lip and one in the middle of the mouth. The vertical labret does not touch your inside.


  • The ashley is one of the most loved piercings. Consider it this way: A shiny barbel can highlight the beauty of your lips.
  • You can combine this type of lip piercing with others such as the monroe and nasal septum on your upper lips. Another option is to double the ashley. This will make quite a statement.


  • Because it requires a large amount lip tissue, and many nerve endings, ashley piercing may be very painful. Before you go to get your medication, consider how sensitive you are to pain.
  • The best way to do this kind of piercing, is by an experienced piercer. Side effects include gum irritation or tooth erosion if the jewelry is constantly in contact with your teeth or gums. You should choose an experienced piercer to do your Ashley piercings.
  • Avoid rejection and migration by choosing the most suitable spot.
  • You can leave the scarred area after you’ve removed your piercings. Although it is possible for females to conceal the scar with lipstick it may be more difficult for males.
  • Scars.
  • Dark pigmentation can persist if you are using low-quality metals for your jewelry.

Ashley has piercing scar

To find out if scars left from an Ashley piercing can ever heal, people search Google. Most people will admit to getting bored with the novelty of new piercings. Many want them removed. Sometimes, we need to remove it. Avoid large pieces of jewelry as they can stretch the skin and cause scarring.

What can be done about scarring? You can encourage your lip to heal in a few different ways. These are your solutions

How does the Hole work?

Lip jewelry adds something extra to our naturally elastic skin. It is elastic and requires pressure to stay open.

Collagen and elastic make up the skin. It is possible to close the fistula by removing any hard metal (named after the hole). It is not possible to remove jewelry from a hole that has already been pierced.

There will no longer be any water in the hole after several weeks or months. The hole will shrink, and then become full of sebum. Sebum is your body’s natural oil. Sebum is made from oil glands in our skin. After being placed in the hole, it will often emit an unpleasant odor.

If there was a piercing, it should be fully closed. Older piercings may be smaller or more closed. It is likely that there are indentions on the skin. The Hole could leave a scar.

What is it Scary About?

  • If your piercing has not fully healed, and you want to have it taken out, there are two options. 1) A infection. 2) A small, quick-closing hole that leaves little scarring.
  • For an older piercing to shrink, it could take several years. This all depends on the size and location of your hole.
  • Depending on your skin type, scarring may vary. People who have more visible scarring than others will likely be those with oily or darker skin.
  • The placement of the needle must be perfect in order to create an Ashley-piercing Scare. A great example is cheek piercings, which show how the placement of a piercing can have a significant impact on skin. Permanent cheek piercings are not recommended due to scarring or indentation of the skin. Similar situations apply to an Ashley-piercing.
  • Jewelry of low quality can have an unmistakeable impact. A piercing can’t be removed without cosmetic surgery. Only buy high-quality, reputable jewelry.

Ashley piercing inside

Ashley is vertically pierced and extends to the whole lip. Ashley piercing is painless because it slices through lots of tissue.

Ashley piercing pain

Even those who have never had their lips punctured before admit that it is one of the most unpleasant. Ashley piercing is not the best option if your pain tolerance is poor. The entire process can take a while, but it is not painful.

This type of piercing is not the most painful. Average rating for piercings is 4/10 It all comes down to how much pain and discomfort you can tolerate.

It is the location of the piercing that causes most pain.

To achieve Ashley piercing, the piercer presses horizontally the needle into the bottom lip. The piercing of the lip is easy because the lips have a lot nerve endings. This is in contrast to the vertical labret that will pass vertically under your skin, above your chin. There will be more pinching than with other types. It can cause pain and is quite quick.

Painkillers and aftercare can be used to manage the pain of ashley piercing.

Ashley piercing healing

Follow the directions and your first healing should take no more than 3-4 months. It can take as long as 6 months to heal, although it could take even longer if your piercings have not completely healed.

The Ashley piercing, which is on the lips of the tongue, experiences greater swelling than most other types. To reduce swelling, you will need to use a larger barbell for the first couple of weeks. To ease swelling later on, you may change to smaller labrets.

While the swelling may subside within a few days, the wounds that are still visible will continue to heal. Aftercare is key to speeding up healing. Below are some after-care suggestions:

  • Once you feel more at ease with the piercing process, stop biting into your jewelry.
  • Each day our skin is touched daily by cosmetics, make-up, and other beauty products. After coming into contact with skin, all of these products should be washed. They could be contaminated with bacteria, or other pathogens that can cause complications during the new procedure.
  • You should wash your face immediately after getting an Ashley piercing. You should also be cautious about the products that you apply to this area. Excessive use of creams, toners, or face wash can cause irritation, worsening infection.
  • Clean your mouth because the Ashley piercing exit hole is located in your mouth. Make sure to brush your teeth every day, floss and apply a mouthwash. It’s best to avoid eating hard food for the first couple of weeks while you get used to your new piercing.
  • Use a saline solution to clean the exterior of the piercing. You can clean it gently with cotton that has been soaked in saline at least two times a day to prevent infection.
  • Avoid public swimming pools, which could potentially expose you to bacteria. Because the pool is so crowded, it can be easy for bacteria to infect people.
  • Allow the wound to heal on its own. You should not remove the piercings during healing. This could lead to complications. It is best to wait seven to seven days before cleaning the piercing.

Ashley piercing price

A piercing by an ashley costs $30 to $85. It is an intense commitment that will require a lot work.

To Avoid Risks,

Avoid allergic reactions, swelling, and avoid using silver or gold jewelry. Migration can be caused by it.

Jewelry made of low-quality metals can cause irreversible dark spots. It is impossible to change the color of your piercings without plastic surgery. Only buy high-quality, reputable jewelry.

High-Quality Piercing Experience

Your piercer’s skill and experience can have an impact on the quality of your work. Untrained piercers can do serious harm to your skin. A piercing called the ashley involves multiple nerve endings.

You should be careful when performing this type of piercing. Side effects include gum irritation or tooth erosion if the jewelry is constantly in contact with your teeth or gums. If you attempt to get rid of it, bad placements can cause scarring. You should choose an experienced piercer to do your Ashley piercings.

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