Art Deco – A Simple How-To Guide to Achieving the Glam Interior Style

You might have thought of creating interior designs that look retro but modern. Art Deco is timeless in this sense. In the last decade, the popular interior design of the 20th century has gradually regained its popularity with homeowners. Art Deco is the perfect choice for your Condo or landed property if you like symmetry and elegant looks. These are some simple tips to make the past century look modern in your home’s interior.

What Is Art Deco

Art Deco

Art Deco was first introduced in France just before the First World War. The 1920s were when interior design began to spread around the globe. Many homeowners and designers adored the idea of geometric shapes and symmetry, which were created with luxurious materials.

The extravagant and bold look was created during the Great Depression. It used less expensive materials such as plastic, chrome and stainless steel. Many people disregarded Art Deco as an interior design style that was not very useful after the Second World War.

The trend has not changed, despite technological advances. The style is influenced by design and Hollywood glamour. The concept attempts to capture the excitement of luxury and cultural diversity within a small space.

How to Create an Art Deco Interior Design

It’s obvious that Art Deco’s interior design style is lavish and luxurious. Every rich, exotic, or rare element in your plan is welcome. Examples include leather, velvet, opal and glossy finishes. Let’s not forget about the geometric shapes and straight lines that go with the bold, vibrant patterns. This is a detailed guide on how to create this modern and playful interior look at your home.

Use the Right Materials

Materials are key to creating Art Deco style. Anything shiny and reflective, as well as different metallics, is a good choice. This will give your space a luxurious and elegant feel. Glass and many geometric patterns are another great way to decorate your interior. A glass-topped coffee table with a bold color rug and a patterned rug will make your living room look stunning.

You can also decorate your rooms with decorative vases, lamps and mirrors. You can make your living room or hallway a focal point with a few sculptures if you are an art lover. Art Deco, unlike other contemporary styles, is heavily dependent upon luxurious materials such as dark woods or marble. Inlaid wood furniture and marble floors are likely to be expensive, but they will live up to their expectations.

Use the Signature Theme

Art Deco is a blend of nature and symmetry, similar to many interior design ideas from the past century. You can use any decorative elements that complement the story. Bright ideas include feathers, branches and leaves.

You can also decorate your living room with stylized sculptures or art. Any combination will work well with a black feather wallpaper or a rug in zebra print.

These elements can make a statement but they should not be considered too bold. To add texture to your interior design, you can complement them with different geometric shapes such as trapezoids, chevrons and zig-zags.

Choose Colours That Set The Tone

Black, white, gold, and silver are the most common colors that come to mind when it comes to color. These are the main colors you’ll find in any Art Deco interior design. However, comforting tones are always welcome. You can also use black and white colors interchangeably to enhance the overall contrast.

It’s okay to use bright colors such as red, green, or blue. You can also use beige and creamy colors to create a soft look. This scheme can be used in your bedroom or dining area to create a calm atmosphere. These colors can be mixed with other styles to create a budget Art Deco interior design.

Fabrics are Crucial

The use of fabrics is an important part of Art Deco interior design. They are usually either a solid color, or a geometric pattern. You should ensure that you buy soft furnishings in bold colors if you are looking to purchase them. Then, you can throw soft cushions in geometric patterns.

You can impress with shinier colors like gold or pink accents if you’re looking to impress. These patterns can be used in place of the usual black and white textiles. set with glamorous curtains in glossy gold-bronze will give your bedroom a luxurious feel.

Be Bold with Furniture

Art Deco

Art Deco is a brand that has roots in the 1920s. Its distinctive style features opulent furniture. You’ll see rare materials such as ebony and inlaid wood. You’ll find that the sofas and armchairs can take up a lot of space so make sure that they fit.

You should use the classic symmetrical and geometrical concepts. You can also add some Grecian patterns for some historical and exotic feel.

Design a stunning flooring design

Flooring is as important as a wall palette, because it sets the tone. The black and white Art Deco tile flooring makes a great background for furniture. This setup looks great in your bathroom or hallway.

You can also choose lacquered glossy parquet flooring to complement your glam style. You can cover the flooring with large rugs if you don’t have the budget for replacing it. These rugs will match the interior design of your HDB/ Condo with their geometric patterns.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Don’t forget the details! You should carefully choose the right lighting and accessories. These items could include fixtures and fittings as well as door handles or switch pannels. These minor improvements can make a big difference, especially if your budget isn’t large enough to spend on expensive materials.

To complete the Art Deco look, make sure to decorate your rooms with plenty of ornate mirrors. You can also make a statement by using wall art and sculptures that depict stylizing animals.

Final Thoughts 

Art Deco is a great way to create unique interior designs that are easy to identify. It is certain that the combination of luxury, geometry and symmetry will continue to be popular. It offers a completely new take on traditional interior styles.

Swiss Interior allows you to make a bold statement by creating an Art Deco HDB or Condo interior design. Swiss Interior’s interior designers will work with you to create an original interior design that will transform your perception of luxury and elegance.

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