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An expert travel guide to Vancouver


Tourist board information: 00 1 604 682 2222; destinationvancouver.com

Emergency fire, police and ambulance: 911

British Consulate-General: 1111 Melville St, Suite 800, Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 3V6; 00 1 604 683 4421; gov.uk

The basics

Flight time: (from UK) London to Vancouver is approximately 9.5 hours

Time difference: -8 hours

Currency: Canadian dollars

International dialling code: +1

Local laws and etiquette

• Always have your passport and driver’s license with you when driving in Canada, in case you get stopped by police.

• You can turn right at a red traffic light (provided you come to a complete stop first, there is no oncoming traffic and no contradictory sign saying ‘no turn on red’).

• In Canadian cities, you have to park with your car pointing in the direction of the traffic on the correct side of the road, otherwise you will be fined.

• Do not park within 5m of a fire hydrant.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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