Airfly Pro Review: A Must-Have, Practical, Compact Tool For All Your Music Needs

airfly pro

Airfly Pro Review – Have you ever wished you could have used your noise-canceling headphones only with a plane’s flight experience without having to deal with the annoying cable? Or have you ever wished your favorite home speaker had Bluetooth capabilities? Ever wished you could listen to music or play a game on a console with your headphones? Have you ever expected to use your wireless headphones to watch a movie on the hotel room TV? Have you ever wished that your old automobile had Bluetooth capabilities so that you wouldn’t have to listen to the radio well all time?

There are many more instances to be found here, all thanks to the Airfly Pro, a handy small gadget. AirFly Pro is “the missing connection between the wired headphones and wireless headphones jacks,” as TwelveSouth puts it.

Features & Design

Airfly Pro seems to be a tiny device that fits nicely in your shirt or jeans pocket. When storing the machine, a protective covering for the 3.5mm plug has includes in the packing.

You can recharge the battery through USB Type-C, which can last up to 16+ hours of battery life. The central button turns the Airfly Pro off and on, but there’s also a toggle that lets you choose between transmitting and receiving audio.

airfly pro

Regardless of which model you’re in, you’ll need to connect to AirFly Pro over Bluetooth, which would be surprisingly simple. Put it in pairing mode; simply hold and press the central button. Use your favorite wireless headphones, such as the Bose QC35 II and Beats Solo Pro, and wireless earbuds, such as the Jabra Elite 75t and Beats Powerbeats Pro, in the same way. They will pair without you needing to launch any apps or change any options on your phone.

Receive mode implies it will accept Bluetooth audio data and play it through whichever 3.5mm device it connects into (i.e., your speakers or car audio input, etc.).

In transmit mode, the audio from the device it’s hooked into is sent directly to your Bluetooth device (for example, your Bluetooth headphones/earphones). If you connect it into one’s Nintendo Switch, for instance, you may use anything Bluetooth earphones or headphones only with a console.

Pressing and holding the little reset button for 4 seconds will reset all pairing lists to factory settings.

The promise is straightforward, but it works and feels magical. You can very much turn any old, dumb, standard 3.5mm audio device into a smart one with the dongle (i.e., adds Bluetooth instantly support ). Similarly, you may listen to your phone’s music or playlist on just about any audio output device, such as speakers, as long as they include a 3.5mm audio input connector.

I got a decent test on the AirFly Pro, the sound system, and my Bose QC35 II loud sound wireless headsets when I traveled overseas last week. Because the plane doesn’t have a 3.5mm port, I had to use the AirFly Pro’s Bose flight adaptor to connect it in.

Sure, the Airfly Pro is dangling from the hand rest, but it’s better than having cables wrapped around your chest and neck. Before I could stand up and walk away from my seat to go to the restroom, I had to battle with the cords, and I could simply walk out straight only with Airfly Pro headphones still on my ears or around my neck. Awesome!

Whenever I tested Airfly Pro, there was a slight audio latency (about half a second maybe around) while watching in-flight movies. The delay wasn’t significant, and it may not have been noticeable to some, but it was apparent to me. It is because I was using a Bose QC35 II with Bluetooth 4.1. (doh, silly me). Airfly Pro supports Bluetooth connectivity aptX Low Latency, which reduces latency to 1ms, nearly undetectable.

You should be fine if you have Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earphones or headphones, such as the new Apple Airpods Pro and Bose’s new 700, the Beats Solo Pro I am using for my daily commute. You can still use the Airfly Pro for music if you only have headphones that support the earlier Bluetooth version. I wish I had known about this before I flew with my old Bose instead!

You may also use the Airfly Pro to transfer audio. You can, for example, watch something together while wearing separate Bluetooth headphones. Alternatively, you may play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Nintendo Switch just on a plane and listen to music using your earphones/headphones.

Conclusion Of The Airfly Pro Review

TwelveSouth’s Airfly Pro is a genuinely remarkable device designed for the consumer audio sector. Any device having a 3.5mm jack may instantly handle Bluetooth audio in both directions, i.e., receiving and playing sound wirelessly from your phone (e.g., speakers) or broadcasting wireless sound into your favorite Bluetooth headphones/earphones (e.g., in-flight entertainment system,  audio devices, consoles, etc.).

Playing games and watching movies with the Airfly Pro also enables Bluetooth 5.0 featuring aptX Low Latency Codecs. If your Bluetooth headphones and earphones enable Bluetooth 5.0, you won’t experience audio latency.

On my next music practice with my Bass guitar, I’m looking forward to testing the Airfly Pro using my Jabra Elite 75t as a “wireless in-ear monitoring” device, as well as other fun things to try with both the Airfly Pro. It’s a must-have treasure to have around because you can use it for so many various things, and it’s a must-have device for travelers!


  • Super helpful, super convenient, and magical
  • Pocketable, compact size
  • Battery life is 16 hours, and it is rechargeable.
  • I’d be satisfied if it could simply transmit or receive, but it supports both!
  • Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility


  • An airplane adapter excludes it is impossible to transmit and receive data simultaneously.
  • There is no indication that there is any battery left.