A Smart Light Switch That’s Easy To Use — Review Of The Philips Hue Switch Dimmer

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Review of the Philips Hue Switch Dimmer – I probably have roughly 15-20 intelligent lights at home, ranging from Philips Hue lighting to Nanoleaf, LIFX, and LASER Connect SmartHome. Even Though I can use your phone or voice command (like Alexa or Siri) to manage them, there’s nothing like pushing a button to get things done quickly and efficiently.

philips hue

In this scenario, it’s most likely a switch. The Philips Hue Switch Dimmer seems to be an intelligent switch that really can turn on and off your Hue bright lights, dim them, and trigger their favorite patterns (for movie chilling, watching, party, etc.).

Packaging & Unboxing Of Philips Hue Switch Dimmer 

philips hue review

The pack contains a wall backplate if you want to install the switch on the wall. This method appeals to me because many people do not want or understand how to upgrade their present light switch to a smart one.

You may simply position the Dimmer Hue Switch next to one existing ceiling light, on just a different wall or a table.

Design And Features Of The Philips Hue Switch Dimmer 

Because the dimmer switch is magnetized, you may easily snap it off of the backplate if you choose the “wall mount” option. After that, you could use it as a tv remote before snapping it back just on a plate. It’s also beneficial if you need to change the battery within a short period (1 x CR2450).

I prefer that it have a built-in, replaceable battery so that I don’t have to buy new batteries continually, but Philips claims that the storm could last up to three years. I’m sure it determines nature as well, but I suppose we’ll find out within a few years!

philips hue

You may use the Philips Hue app to add the Hue Dimmer Switch, and if you’ve had a Philips Hue Bridge installed on your wireless network, then you can add up to 50 lights to it (or ten without a Bridge). The Hue app makes it simple to add the switches as an accessory, and that you can also program the buttons from within the app.

Power (in and out for), Brightness Down, Brightness Up, and a Hue button with your presets are the four buttons. The Hue button can be pressed up to five times in a row, allowing you to fast choose between five different scenarios. For example, they might have one scene ideal for reading and another when you are about to retire tonight (e.g., dimmed lights). I simply use three settings, and that’s more than plenty for me.

Every night, we sometimes used rely upon our Amazon Echo Showing 5 on our bedside cabinet to turn on and off our bedroom lights. There were times when we were exhausted and wished there was a switch next to our bed that we could turn on, and now we can do so!

It’s pretty convenient to dim the lights only with an arm’s reach instantly.

Conclusion Of The Philips Hue Switch Dimmer Review

The Philips Hue Switch Dimmer is a simple Hue smart switch that you may use remotely or wall. You can also utilize the magnetic-design plate, bright,  as a back and forth.

The switch has a few buttons that do all of the functions you’d expect from just a Hue smart switch, including turning it in and out, reducing the lights, and switching to a favorite moment you’ve created in the app.

I honestly can’t think of anything wrong with the switch, and I’ve been using it to change out bedroom lights every night (I’m still reviewing the Hue Lightstrip Plus V4 and have the Hue Go set up using my Hue Play HDMI Synchronization Box). 

The Hue Switch Dimmer became unresponsive on one occasion; however, you can quickly reconnect it by holding and tapping the four keys for several seconds.

It costs A$39.95 and is currently available for purchase on the Hue website or at shops around Australia. Amazon.com has it as well.


  • You can use adhesive tape to attach the wall plate to any flat surface.
  • The switch could be used as a remote control or mounted on the backplate (magnetized)
  • There are specialized dimming buttons on the unit and different settings.