A Review Of The Brother Mfc-J5845dw

Brother Mfc-J5845dw

A review of the Brother MFC-J5845DW – The Brother MFC-J5845DW would be a multi-function center (MFC) printer, especially for small businesses and home offices. It includes up to two years of ink in the box!

We’ve all been there: You bought a new printer, only to discover that you’ll need to buy more ink within a few weeks or months of being used.

In addition to Brother’s generosity, the printer is already capable of printing throughout high quality, quickly, and with a wide range of network and cloud connectivity options.

Brother Mfc-J5845dw

There are XL cartridges for every CMYK color: Magenta, Cyan, Yellow, and Black, all included in the packaging.

Getting Started & Installing

The printer’s LCD screen and quick user guide provide step-by-step instructions for getting the printer up and running. Also, there weren’t as many stages as I had expected. You could tilt its LCD screen panel to improve the clarity when the printer has been placed lower than your eye level.

How simple it is to download the ink cartridges astonishes me the most. ThisYou can feed only one-sided pages was the scariest part for me in the past—what if I spilled these on the carpet? And my hands and fingers would get a little splattered with ink.

Implementing Brother MFC-J5845DW inks is as simple as plugging in a USB drive. Open the printer’s ink cartridge cover and insert the cartridge until you listen to a slight click, then you’re done. 

Brother Mfc-J5845dw

We connected the printing machine to our Wi-Fi network using the printer’s LCD touch screen, also simple. A few simple taps, and voila! And, it! Wi-Fi Direct (i.e., wireless connection directly to the printing) and Ethernet cable are options.

Using Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint on Android and iPhones makes printing documents from your phone a breeze. You might receive an email with a copy you need to sign. Using your Gmail and Mail app, you can simply send the document to your printer. There is no need to install anything.

For those who have a Windows 10 PC, you can simply visit the Brother support site and download and install the driver.

The printer’s LCD screen unexpectedly displays a new firmware update; the scan can simply tap the alert to update the printer. Real decent touch in this (generally does have to be completed from PC).


Despite the printer’s size, it’s surprisingly light for those who must lift this printer a flight of stairs on their own; good luck. However, I have yet to find a lighter-weight MFC printer that supports A3 printing and other multi-function features such as automatic document feeder, duplex printing, fax, and scan, so far.

The Brother MFC-J5845DW has some impressive specs. And it has a mono print speed of 22 ppm and a color print speed of 20 ppm. If you activate the fast printing option, it can print 35ppm in monochrome and 27ppm in color.

You can, however, print in light and dark/monochrome even if you are running low on particular color ink, and it is unlike certain MFC printers from those other brands, some reason, MFC printers used in the past prevented me from printing unless I refilled a color ink cartridge that had run out.

I was astonished by how quickly it printed and how effectively it used ink.

Please keep in mind that this is not a picture printer, and your color business may necessitate looking elsewhere if you need to print many high-quality photos. However, when it comes to printing pictures on documents and other things, I find that now the quality is quite good.


Business owners will scan a wide range of documents, including invoices, bills, contracts, and other paperwork, to keep track of everything. These are no problems for the Brother MFC-J5845DW printer, and you’ll appreciate how versatile it is.

We would include an Auto Document Feeder, and it has a capacity of up to 50 documents at a given time. Should use a manual scanner unless you want to detect double-sided documents instead of the ADF, assuming you want to scan one-sided documents.

You have the option of having the scans emailed to you, or you can use the printer to access a variety of other services. Scan and upload straight to your Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox,  OneNote (and many others) are some examples. It’s as simple as plugging in a USB drive and selecting to save all the scans to the USB drive.

As a bonus, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) can convert text documents into searchable PDF files. As a bonus, you can also export scans to Internet backbone Folders, FTP, and SFTP, as well as SharePoint for larger businesses.

ADF duplex scanning is not supported, but you can still use manual scanning; you can feed only one-sided pages color, and the printer will assist in swiping multiple pages at a time.


What? Do you still have a fax machine at your disposal? Sorry, but I cannot assist you in this matter because I have to, and it has not yet tested this feature on the printer.

The Conclusion Of Our Review Of The Broth-J5845dw Is As Follows:

Even though and other MFC printers cost less than the Brother5845DW, you should consider purchasing additional ink cartridges and compare that one to the Brother printer. Iscanerous supply of extra ink cartridges, and the printer has been able to print at a meager cost without sacrificing quality.

With just an automatic document feeder (ADF), you can just throw in your documents and let the printer scan them for you. It prints quickly and supports A3 paper, as well as a wide range of cloud services to which you can send your scanned documents for further processing and storage. It’s important to note that this only works for one-sided documents.

The Brother MFC-J5845DW retails for $699 in Australia’s retail outlets.


  • Very high-quality printing
  • An automated Document Feeder
  • A3 is supported
  • A variety of valuable features, such as scanning and emailing them as a PDF, Evernote, and so on
  • A substantial amount of ink in the purchase price.
  • Intuitive to set up


  • You can feed only one-sided pages into an ADF.
  • Heavily weighted and bulky