A Quick Guide to Standard Shower Dimensions, Types, & Designs

You are considering remodeling your bathroom? Bathrooms’ exterior is far more important than their interior. Designing a bathroom or other space is only as important as the right sizing. If your bath area isn’t properly sized, it will appear messy and unattractive.

Showers come in many styles and sizes. It is essential to determine the size and dimensions of the shower before you start installing it. This will allow you to plan the bathroom remodel.

This blog will address all matters related to the dimensions of showers. A list of top-rated bathroom designs, and walk in showers for 2021 has been compiled. Continue reading.

Your most significant decision in a bathroom remodel will be the size of your bathtub. The dimensions of your shower depend on the type of bathroom, whether you have a combo or walk-in shower.

Standard Shower Dimensions & Sizes

An older style of shower that utilizes panels enclosed and doors to allow water access is called a standard shower. This shower includes a shower pan and either a frameless or fully framed glass panel enclosure. You have the option to make an interior unique by using different tiles on the floor and walls.

The standard shower size is 3 by 5 feet. You can also find prefabricated units or shower kits. A small bathroom layout can be chosen that measures 32 inches wide x 32 inches deep. This is your minimum shower size. Shower kits are available in sizes up to 36 by 60 inches. There are many options available.

Showers of various widths and sizes are very popular these days. Below are some of the most commonly used sizes for showers.

  • 32 inches x 32 inches
  • 34x34inches
  • 36″ x 36″
  • 42 inches by 36 inches
  • 48″ x 36″
  • 48″ x 48″
  • 60 inches x 36 inches

You should decide before installing a shower enclosure whether you prefer a normal, freestanding, steamy sauna or a combo shower/bath. Below are detailed descriptions of all three kinds of bathroom enclosures as well as the measurements and dimensions.

1. Standard Showers with Enclosure

Size is also affected by the shape of the shower. There are different sizes for every shape and size of shower.

Square-Shaped Shower

Shower dimensions: Square-Shaped Shower

Most often, showers of square shape are installed in the corners. If your master bathroom has a smaller space or is narrower, you can use this shape.

For showering, the smallest square-shaped unit is 32×32 inches. The shower can be extended to 34×34 inches and 36×36 inches.

Combination Tub-Shower Combo

Shower and Tub Combo: shower dimensions

This combination is the most common for combo bathtub-shower combinations:

  • 60 inches x 30 inches x 72 inch
  • 60 inches x 36 inches x 72 inches

It includes the measurements of the porcelain bathtub and the basin area. Because it’s necessary for installing a combination bathtub and shower, this measurement is vital.

It is possible to combine a bath tub with a shower for a contemporary and sleek look. There are a variety of height codes for glass shower or bathtub enclosures, from 79 inches up to 81 inches and even 87 inches.

Standing-Alone Shower Stall

The shower size depends on the space available in your bathroom for installation. Without a bathtub, a standard-sized 48×36 inch shower size is achievable. The shower space will vary between smaller and larger, with more room to maneuver around.

2. Walk-In Shower Sizes

You can make your bathroom more stylish and modern with walk-in bathtubs. The showers in these showers tend to be smaller than the combination of a bathtub or a shower. You can choose from many different sizes for your shower. Remember that your shower should not take up too much space in the bathroom. Also, consider the space in your bathroom and what your requirements are for showering.

Walk-in showers are minimum dimensions at 32 inches in length x 32 inches in width. These are the most commonly used sizes for walk-in bathtubs.

  • 34 inches x34 inches
  • 36″ x 36″
  • 42 inches by 36 inches
  • 48″ x 36″
  • 48″ x 48″

Larger sizes, like 36 inches by 60 inches are possible if there is enough space. A bench can be added to your shower.

Your ceiling height will determine the height of your walk in shower. A shower head is typically 8 feet high.

You can also see these dimensions in walk-in showers

  • 60 inches x 48 inch x 96 inch (height).
  • 66 in. x 64 in. x 90in. (height).
  • 54inches x 35inchesx 89inches (height).
  • 71 inches by 47 inches by 88 inches.
  • 42 inches x 42 inches x 52 inches (height).

3. Dimensions to a Steam shower

Shower dimensions: Steam Shower Dimensions

A steam shower should be at least 8 feet high. These are the common dimensions for steam showers (LxWxH).

  • 42″ x 42″, 82″
  • 54 inches x 35 inches x 89 in
  • 60 inch x 48 in x 96 inch
  • 66″ x 60″, x 90″
  • 71″ x 47″, x88 in

Blog ADA Layout & Plans provides information about the dimensions and requirements for an ADA bathroom layout. For disabled people, we have included all of the ADA guidelines.

There are many types of showers

Another thing you should consider when installing a showerhead is what type of shower you want. You can find many different types of showers available on the market. There are four major categories. This includes the age and configuration of your plumbing system.

These are all the types of showers that you can choose from:

Mixer Showers 

shower dimensions: Mixer Showers 

Mixer Showers: walk-in shower dimensions

These showers usually connect to your pipes. Your home’s temperature and water pressure are what make them dependent.

Electric showers 

Electric Showers: walk-in shower dimensions

Electric Showers: walk-in shower dimensions

An electric shower is the best option out of all possible types. It is easy to set them up in any house. A heating element is built into an electric shower. They also have a high energy efficiency.

Power Showers 

Power Showers: walk-in shower dimensions

Power Showers: walk-in shower dimensions

Power showers are also known as pumped-shower systems. They have an integrated pump that provides low pressure water. They are efficient, but not as effective as other types of showers.

Digital Showers

shower sizes: Digital Showers

shower sizes: Digital Showers

If you are looking to enhance your bathroom experience, digital showers may be the right choice. The most current shower technology in your bathroom. They’re eco-friendly and come with a digital panel for controlling heat and pressure. Technology is very expensive.

After you’ve chosen the size and type, there are many choices for your shower style. Consider the material before installing your shower system. Prefabricated shower systems are most commonly made from acrylic and fiberglass. They’re easy to put together and maintain.

Top 10 Trendy Bathroom Designs & Ideas in 2021

Today, the most popular type of enclosure for showers is the walk-in. This shower enclosure is practical and beautiful and can be installed in small or large bathrooms. If you are looking for a beautiful and functional bathroom, walk-in showers can be a good option.

To create a relaxing and luxurious walk-in, you can use tile, lighting, storage and layout. Each bathroom design has a gorgeous walk-in tub. These walk-in shower ideas will suit any area.

1. Rain showers

shower sizes: Rain Showers

shower sizes: Rain Showers

2. Subway Tile

shower sizes: Subway Tile

walk-in shower ideas: Subway Tile

3. Traditional Black & White Combo 

walk-in shower ideas: Traditional Black & White Combo 

walk-in shower ideas: Traditional Black & White Combo 

4. Classic marble walk-in shower 

walk-in shower ideas: Classic Marble Walk-in Shower 

5. Pattern tiles 

master bathroom dimensions: Pattern Tiles 

master bathroom dimensions: Pattern Tiles 

6. Pale Gray Colors & Wood Cabinetry 

master bathroom dimensions: Pale Gray Colors & Wood Cabinetry 

master bathroom dimensions: Pale Gray Colors & Wood Cabinetry 

7. Traditional Walk-in Style Shower

master bathroom dimensions: Traditional Style Walk-in Shower

bathroom layout dimensions: Traditional Style Walk-in Shower

8. Design a minimalist bathroom

bathroom layout dimensions: Minimalist Bathroom Design

bathroom layout dimensions: Minimalist Bathroom Design

9. Spa Like Walk-in Shower

bathroom layout dimensions: Spa Like Walk-in Shower

bathroom layout dimensions: Spa Like Walk-in Shower

10. Bathroom Designs for Small Spaces

small bathroom dimensions: Small Bathroom Design

small bathroom dimensions: Small Bathroom Design

Last Word: How Do You Choose the Perfect Shower?

When choosing a shower, the most important consideration should be its size and shape. It is important to consider the location of fixtures and accessories. These accessories can improve your bathroom’s appearance and comfort.

You will be able to design your shower yourself or purchase a prefabricated unit. Also, consider style and environmental impact when making your final decision.

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