7 Lakes of San Pablo in Laguna 2021 Travel Guide (A P647 Itinerary)

lakes of san pablo

Is your work stressing you out? Are you looking for a weekend getaway? The seven Laguna lakes, San Pablo are worth a visit. You can visit seven lakes here, including Sampaloc, Bunot, Mohicap, and Palakpakin. All activities are possible, including swimming, cycling, hiking, kayaking, rafting, and trekking. All of this is possible.

Is your work stressing you out? Are you looking for a weekend getaway? San Pablo is home to seven Laguna lakes.

Seven San Pablo lakes will be available to you, including the Sampaloc, Palakpakin Calibato, Pandin and Bunot (Mohicap), Mohicap, and Palakpakin. There are many options for swimming, cycling, hiking, rafting, and trekking.

This is all in one day. It sounds fun. Continue scrolling.


Sampaloc Lake

Sampaloc Lake, however, is the original. With a length of 3.7 kms and a maximum depth of 27ms, the Sampaloc Lake is the largest among seven San Pablo lakes.

You might feel that it is hard to cycle around this area, but one ride will inspire you to go further.

From the shore you can see all of the lake, from fishermen to early runners and fisherman. You will also find water lilies and delicious lomi.

For 20 pesos, you can rent either a bicycle or tandem bike. If you are feeling bold, run around the lake.

Bunot Lake

To get around the six remaining lakes, after Sampaloc Lake, we hired a tricycle at 600 pesos. Bunot Lake, which is located near Sampaloc was our next stop.

It has a total area of 30 ha with an average depth 23m.

To see the lake you will have to pass through many rows of houses.

Later we discovered there were many houses surrounding the lake.

The spot was spotted by us as we approached it. A man was diving. Tahong. Some children were even swimming.

The lake was stunning, despite being surrounded by so many homes.

Mohicap Lake


Mohicap Lake is next. This is the most beautiful of all seven San Pablo lakes.

The smallest is this one, at 22.89 ha and an average depth of 21m. Each person has to pay a 10 pesos entrance fee

We were warmly welcomed by KuyaAlex when we entered Mohicap Lake. Kuya Alex (OIC) and Treasurer of newly-established tourism Kalipunan ngmga MamamayanYou can find the sa Lawa ng Mohicap. Contact him at 09107914591

He gave a quick overview of all the San Pablo lakes and how they try to promote Mohicap Lake.

The tourist office last December certified Pandin Lake as a lake and they hope the transformation will be similar to Pandin Lake.

After climbing the 105 stairs, the stunning view of Mohicap Lake with the surrounding mountains will be visible. You will find houses, boats and fishermen.

To reach Lake Ontario’s other shore, rent a raft.

There are many shrimps available in the lake and you can also rent equipment for fishing.

Rates for Bamboo Rafting

Make rafts from 40 bamboos

1-6 persons = P900 pesos for all

7-12 persons = P120 Pesos/pax

Make rafts from 10 bamboos

1-2 persons = 300 pesos for all

Issuance for 3-4 persons = 130 Pesos/pax

You can make rafts out of 6- 8 bamboos

1-2 persons = 300 pesos for all

Prices for 3-4 persons: 130 pesos/pax

Fishing rafts constructed of 6- 8 bamboos

Three people can earn 300 pesos per hour for seven hours.

This tip is for you: To make reservations for a DISCOUNT, please call Kuya Alex on 9462707776

No extra clothing was available. Since we could not swim, we did not take additional clothes. We promised to return and try fishing and swimming again. I’ll keep you updated.


When it comes to eating, you have two options. To arrange the cooking of the meal, Kuya Alex must be reached at least 3 days before your arrival.

Palakpakin Lake


Palakpakin Lake, is today’s fourth lake. The area of the park is 43 ha and its average depth is 7.5m. This is the smallest San Pablo lake.

To give us an amazing view of Lake Ontario, the driver of our tricycle pulled over at a bridge. This photo shows how many houses are around the lake. Residents cultivate culture Tilapia and silver carps.

Calibato Lake


Next, we drove to Calibato Lake.

Calibato Lake covers 42 ha with an average depth of 135m. This is the most deepest of all the San Pablo lakes.

It takes approximately 10 minutes to get to the Lake. Pass by the stream, which will take you to the lake.

When we arrived, some fishermen were already building rafts to fish when our arrival. The majority of fish here can be found in the following: Tilapia.

Mt. Cristobal is visible from this location, while he lies under large Talisays trees.

Pandin Lake


Pandin Lake comes in second place on this list. The beauty of this lake is known for its wonderful swimming and tour.

The area is 20 ha in size and the average depth is 63m. You will need to take a walk of approximately 15 minutes in order reach the lake. You don’t even need a guide to help you follow the path.

Coconut trees will be visible as you stroll. Definitely, Instagram worthy!

You can also see a cowfarm. I was moved by this view.

“Old Macdonald had a farm.”
On his farm, he also kept a cow.
Let’s have a moo-moo
You can even find a moo-moo here.

After you’ve reached the launch area, sign up and wait your turn to get on the raft. Lunch can be added if you do not have enough food.

Get rates

Bamboo Raft and Lunch = 360 Pesos/pax

Bamboo Raft with Lunch: 200 Pesos/pax

Eight people can be accommodated in each raft. There were five of us and we had to all work together in order to complete the task. It takes approximately two hours to build a raft.

While we waited, we wandered about. You could find souvenirs, native animals and monkeys everywhere. Turtles are also mentioned. But I haven’t seen one.

It’s our turn after almost 30 minutes. Yehey!

Bangkeros Pull a rope from the take-off point at the other end to get to point A.

We could not resist taking a plunge in Lake Pandin.

Even though the clothes that we were wearing weren’t enough, we chose to swim. YOLO!

Because we were so hot, we took the bus.

Hopefully. Haha.

Before we started swimming, we decided to have a bite. Tadaaa!

Lunch includes tilapia with pako salad, shrimps and pako rice, as well as water. For 25 pesos, fresh buko is available.

Swimming area sheltered by large trees and swings It doesn’t matter if you are unable to swim. There are many ways to make sure your body can swim. bangkeros offer life vests.

The game of tag was fun and we swam for almost an entire hour. To fully appreciate the lake’s amenities, it took us 2 hours.

TIP: Call Ms. Tina (90979952983) to make reservations during peak seasons weekends or holidays.

Yambo Lake


Yambo Lake, last but not the least, is our final seven-lake San Pablo List.

The lakes are so close that it’s often called Pandin Lakes twin. The area is 28.5ha and the average depth of 40m.

Pandin Lake must be crossed. After that, it is five minutes hike to Lake Yambo. This vantage point offers a breathtaking view of Yambo Lake.

How can you get there

  • If you’re coming from Manila, take a bus first to Lucena Bus Terminal Alimall/Cubao. It takes between two and 2.5 hours to complete the trip, but costs less than 150 pesos.
  • Your driver can drop you off at San Pablo Medical, 711 San Pablo Highway. A tricycle can be rented to take you from Sampaloc Lake, for 40 pesos
  • You can hire a tricycle to transport you around San Pablo lakes and Sampaloc Lake.
  • Take a bus or jeep from Santo Tomas to San Pablo if you’re coming in either Santo Tomas, Batangas, or both. It costs 35 pesos to get the fare.


Here’s a breakdown of the expenses

Overall, your 647 pesos can go a long way. Take 647 pesos next time that you feel anxious or need to go on an adventure. You can take the bus to San Pablo and see all seven lakes.

Would you choose to go to one of the seven San Pablo lakes?

Reliable Travel Tips

Responsible tourism allows you to travel more safely and efficiently. These are just a few ways you can do it.

1. Respect the environment

Don’t litter. Your garbage should be kept until it is taken away.

2. Avoid single-use plastic

Get your eco bag, and quit using single-use plastic.

3. Shopping locally

Local artisans should be supported to preserve traditional crafts. These are the best sources of information. Don’t haggle. Even though P20 might seem insignificant, they can find a lot of value from it.

4. Always get permission

If you are taking photographs or videos that involve children, make sure to ask permission before shooting.

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