5 Weird Facts About Jessica Jaymes’s Death

The world still struggles to recover from Kobe Bryant’s passing on January 26, 2020. The mysterious reason Kobe Bryant flew his helicopter in extreme weather is still a mystery to us. We are all still in denial about the circumstances of Jessica Jaymes’s death. Paramedics first called the star of adult movies at 40. She would be declared dead by them in 2019 Here are five shocking facts about Jessica Jaymes’ suicide as an actor.

Jessica Jaymes’s death: 5 shocking facts about Jessica Jaymes

TMZ claimed that she was first seen by her friend, while her husband said it was his.

A pornographic, 40-year old actress suddenly becomes unconscious. Was she dead? Were there prescription pills or sex? Yes.

Jessica Jaymes was an actress that appeared on Weeds in September 2019. She was discovered unconscious at her North Hills Los Angeles home. Jaymes, who was not responding to calls at her San Fernando Valley residence was declared deceased on the spot. 4.20 PM: The death of the porn star was announced.

Sources in law enforcement told TMZ once that a friend went to Jessica’s San Fernando Valley home Tuesday afternoon because “he” hadn’t heard from Jessica in a while. According to sources, Jessica wasn’t conscious when the friend arrived at Jessica’s house.

Jaymes ex-husband arrived also and claimed Jaymes was unconscious. It was an elaborate cover-up. Spizoo partner, and former husband claimed that the shock discovery was made after he had checked on his wife for almost one week.

Jessica Jaymes is an adult film legend.

It was impossible to resist the will of the pornstar. Nadir Maraschin filed documents in the estate Jessica Jaymes indicating that Jaymes died unintentionally.

Maraschin is Maraschin’s husband and he wants to be named administrator of Maraschin’s estate. He would be able to handle all his posthumous affairs. They include all financial royalties she could be owed by any 200+ adult scenes that she starred in. Jessica Jaymes’ spouse listed financial information regarding her. He estimated her assets at $100,000. The husband listed the North Hills, CA house with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 2,281 square feet at $600,000. The $300,000.00 mortgage was also added. Jaymes had a net worth of $400,000. Jaymes was worth $400,000. Maraschin puts Jaymes’ total wealth around $400,000.

Public records show that Nadir Maraschin was associated to three businesses. Spizoo, one of these porn sites is where they met and became business partners. Nadir founded the companies in a span of 11 years. The latest was June 2018. One of the two remaining companies is active and the other one is inactive.

Jessica Jaymes’ mother Deborah, is the sole survivor of her estate.

Jessica Jaymes’ Causes of Death were Revealed Two months After Her Decease:

Jessica Jaymes was a pornstar who had suffered from seizures in the past. Her cause of death was still not clear. Seizures refer to an uncontrolled, sudden electrical disturbance in the brain. You may experience changes in your behaviour and emotions, as well as your consciousness. A condition that can cause multiple seizures and recurrent seizures is epilepsy. It was the condition that made porn stars famous. Stress or an addiction to alcohol could also have contributed to the problem.

Following an autopsy, the body of her mother was released to her loved ones. Her toxicology results did not reveal the exact cause of her death.

Jessica Jaymes (also known as Jessica Michael Redding) died in an accident involving alcohol two months ago.

Jessica Jaymes suffered years of addiction to alcohol before her passing.

TMZ reports that her first responders found a couple of prescription pills close to her body soon after she passed away. Her business partner said that she had predicted her death because of her health problems after her death.

According to him, he said that he wasn’t sure when it was going to be her turn.

She was very sick and had many problems such as back pain, nerve system issues, seizures, etc. in just six months.

“I was waiting. It was only a matter of time. It was just a matter time.

It begs the obvious question: What made her and her closest friends insistent on her getting into rehab? Are we forced to make a choice between watching suicides and acting? These are open to discussion.

Jessica Jaymes wrote a piece about Sex Up until She Dyed.

The porn star was active online right through her death. It helped to keep her brand alive. She posted an Instagram post a week prior to her death. Then, she apologized to her 902k Instagram fans.

Six days before her tragic death, she admitted to being on vacation. She had not uploaded anything to Instagram since September 8th 2019.

Her words were, “Hey guys! I took a few weeks off. “Excuse me, but I want everyone to have the best sex they’ve ever had!” 

Tributes flood in after the sad news about her passing. Adult stars and fans paid tribute to this porn star. They remembered her as “sweet presence”.

Richelle Ryan was a Porn actress who wrote, “Another angel taken too soon…RIP Jessica Jaymes. While I was only able to meet you briefly, your kindness and warmth were evident. Her dress was stunning.

General Trivia:

Jessica Jaymes: Are you Jessica Jaymes?

Jessica Jaymes was born 2002 in Anchorage (Alaska). Hustler Videos signed the first contract with her two years after she was a porn actor. Jessica was chosen Hustler Honey Of Year. She co-founded Spizoo with her husband in 2008

Jaymes, who was inducted into the Adult Video News Hall of Fame for 2018 and recognized her contribution to the industry. Jaymes’ porn career is not her only accomplishment. Her small roles include Weeds on VH1 and HBO’s Vivid Valley.

In 2004, she performed at Nick Lachey’s bachelor party.

It was a fascinating life.

Jessica Jaymes went to New Mexico Military Institute in Roswell, before going on to Rio Salado Community College. Surprisingly she taught fourth- and sixth grade for three years, before she became an actress in adult movies.

Young life

Jaymes was born Jessica Redding in Anchorage (Alaska). Her mother is French, and her father is reportedly an undercover DEA agent.

Stage name

Jessica got her stage name from combining her first and James names, which was her boyfriend at that time. Jessica Jaymes (21 years old) had breast implants. Her bra size was increased from 34B-35D so she could enter the highly lucrative world of adult acting.

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