5 Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom Space

Did you know that a bathroom remodel or renovation can increase the value of your home by adding significant value?

Even if you don’t intend to sell, a bathroom that is beautiful can be a place to relax in.

But, before you dive headfirst into a bathroom-rejuvenation project, there are five essential things you should consider first.

1. Previous Problems

Remodeling Your Bathroom

You should prepare a plan for your bathroom renovation before you start any major remodel.

This is because you can hire professionals to renovate so you can deal with any existing problems and minimize the chance of creating new ones.

Most bathroom problems are caused by water damage. This includes a non-waterproof bathtub, wall tiles or floors, rusted fixtures and poor plumbing. If you need to move pipes or fixtures, contact qualified plumbers.

2. Your Budget

You have the unique opportunity to transform your bathroom to meet your needs and invest in your home. It’s easy to spend more than you intended, so it’s important to have a realistic budget before you begin.

Remodeling a bathroom can be costly quickly due to high labor costs and the cost of materials. So, licensed professionals are highly sought after. Remodeling an existing bathroom will increase the cost of the remodel. You should also consider the cost of everything.

You should think about a few things when you create your budget. These include whether you intend to sell your house in the near future, the essential components of your bathroom, how much you can spend on it, and if you will be moving items that are already plumbed-in.

Remodeling to Increase Resale Value

Remodeling bathrooms can bring you a high return on your investment when selling your house, especially if it was in poor condition. Remodeling your bathroom can bring you a 70% return on investment when you sell.

To increase your home’s value, remodel the bathroom. Make conservative design choices.

3. The Type of Bathroom You Want

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathrooms come in many sizes and shapes. Although you won’t likely change the style of your bathroom, it is a smart idea to consult an interior designer as they may be able to suggest alternatives.

You can transform a half-bathroom by changing the layout.


A powder room (or half-bathroom) is usually smaller than a standard bathroom and has only a toilet or a sink. A half-bathroom can be a great addition to a home with only one bathroom.

A half-bathroom makes it easy for guests to use.

A half-bathroom’s beauty is its ability to transform a corner or closet into a useful space.

Standard Bathroom

A full bathroom (or standard bathroom) usually has a toilet, sink, shower or bath, sometimes all four. Older houses often only have one bathroom, which is shared by the whole family.

Although master en-suites can be used in the same way as standard bathrooms, they can only be accessed from the master bedroom. When remodeling or adding a master bathroom, many homeowners choose luxury features such as skylights and a spa bath.

If you want to increase the value of your home and make it more functional, you might consider adding a master bathroom to your home.

Wet Bathroom

While a wet bathroom can be described as a normal bathroom, the shower is not enclosed. The entire bathroom, including fixtures, walls, floor, and ceiling, is waterproofed.

Wet bathrooms look more modern and stylish because they don’t have shower doors or curtains. You don’t need to worry about water splashing onto the floor or wall.

Wet bathrooms offer the most accessibility for those with limited mobility, as there are no steps or curbs that can get in the way.

Because wet bathrooms don’t require extra space for shower frames, they make use of available space in a way that maximizes the use of space. Wet bathrooms are more expensive than standard bathrooms but they are worth it.

4. The Layout

After you have decided on the type of bathroom you would like, such as a full or half-bathroom, it is time to consider the layout. If the layout is working for you, it’s best to keep it that way. The cost of moving walls or plumbing can dramatically increase.

You may have to modify the layout of your bathroom if it was poorly designed.

When making any changes to your layout, consult a designer – especially if you are looking for ways that to make a small bathroom more efficient.

5. The Lighting

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Many homeowners don’t give lighting enough consideration when remodeling. Bad lighting can ruin your space’s functionality and aesthetics, regardless of how thoughtfully you plan the rest.

Artificial Light

Layering is key when it comes to artificial lighting. To make it easier to use mirrors, layer soft lighting at the face-level with dimmer lights.

In functional areas above the shower and bathtub, you should add downlights and spotlights.

Natural Light

To make your bathroom seem brighter and more airy, you should have plenty of natural light. Skylights and large windows can increase natural light.

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