5 Design Tips to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be personal. The right style of bathroom design is crucial. It is important to consider how your bathroom will function. These are some design ideas that will assist you in a bathroom remodel.

1. Layout and plan

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Each interior designer will agree that beauty comes down to a plan. Take into account the space available and the style you would like the layout to appear. Your willingness to sacrifice the practical aspects of your work is key. You might need new plumbing or wiring for some changes.

Consider what you want in a bathroom. You might prefer to have a bath in a tub or more storage. A clear plan of your bathroom will allow you to see all the options for chandeliers and vertical storage.

Plan your bathroom. The standard master bathroom has a separate shower and tub. You can have a large, luxurious bathroom.

This design can be customized with additional elements, such as skylights or more lights depending on the budget. It is also possible to make a “wet” bathroom. All components, even the cabinets are waterproofed, so no additional cubicles are required for either the shower or the toilet.

2. Lighting makes all the difference

Remodeling Your Bathroom

The atmosphere in any space can be changed by lighting. It is true. Your bathroom should feel relaxing and comfortable.

You can use vanity lights, central chandeliers, and spotlights to focus the light in specific areas. Although you may not be able to alter the light source during a remodel you could consider expanding a window.

When it comes to artificial light, consider your comfort level. You might consider adding spotlights to the bulbs if you love reading in the bathtub. You should not use a bright, naked or clinical-looking light in your bathroom. These will not make your bathroom feel spa-like.

3. Functional Luxury

Bathrooms should be luxurious and practical. Consult a contractor to remodel your bathroom.

By simply replacing tiny items like doorknobs and rails with exotic tiles, you can make any situation luxurious. Heating floors and towel racks can be more expensive. For storage, you can pick from either stylish racks and elevated cabinets.

4. Built to last

Remodeling Your Bathroom

Replace any faucets, railings, or cabinets that aren’t used often with sturdy, high-quality materials. While you may require storage that is custom-built, the company should still be capable of providing high quality materials.

Solid wood and porcelain tiles are superior to particle board. Copper and cast iron tubs are not allowed, but who said? A solid investment is plumbing fixtures. This initial investment will pay dividends in terms of aesthetics and durability.

5. Is it accessible?

It is important that bathrooms are accessible and simple to use. Each element should have a secondary purpose. Consider adding features to your bathroom that make it accessible to the disabled or elderly, even if they are not physically disabled.

You can make your bathroom accessible and safe by using grab-rails or slip-resistant flooring.  Walk in the bathtub is a luxurious option that can also make your bathroom more accessible.

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