3 Ways To Access Rar Files Over The Internet

open rar files

WinRAR is the most commonly used RAR archive file opener on the Windows operating system, while UnRarX is the most commonly used RAR archive file opener on the Mac OS. What about Linux, then?

For extract the RAR archive, use the Linux programme unrart; to build a RAR archive, use the Linux tool rar. Both use the command line. You may also open RAR files using online extractors.

Because it is a proprietary file format, RAR is more difficult to use than alternative archive file formats like ZIP. The copyright for the RAR compression tools and libraries belongs with Alexander L. Roshal, the creator of RAR. As a result, not all software developers are allowed to create RAR tools.

These three programmes can be used to extract a RAR archive file that you have received but do not have the RAR utility installed on your machine.

  1. Use B1 Online Archiver To View Rar Archives Online.

B1 Online Archiver is the first online programme you could use to extract RAR files. You may use this utility to extract RAR files, as well as most other forms of archives. An archive file can be opened with this application. So, here’s how you put that to use.

open rar file

You can select any archive file from your computer by clicking the “Click here” button on this page.

open rar file

To download individual files, select the extracted folder and then select the files you want to download.

  1. Use Extract.Me To Extract Rar Files Online.

Extract.me is an excellent online extractor. If you know RAR, then you can use it to extract any other archive format you know of. You don’t have to download the file first; you can also use it to extract archives stored on your PC as well as those stored on Google Drive and Dropbox. Using Extract.me, you can also open password-protected archives.

Visit the Extract.me website and choose an archive file from your computer by clicking the Choose file option. Google Drive or Dropbox can be used if you would like to extract RAR files stored on Google Drive, but if you really want to extract RAR files stored on Dropbox, click the Google Drive link.

open rar file

Simply right-click on the files to save them to your computer’s hard drive.

open rar file

  1. Use Funzip To Open Rar Archives Online.

To open a RAR archive file, Funzip can be used as well. Password-protected archive files are not supported by this online extractor tool. In terms of archive size, Funzip can handle files up to 400MB in size with ease.

Choose a file from your computer by clicking the want To choose File button on Funzip’s website at funzip.net.

open rar 5

To begin extracting the file, click Open files! after you’ve selected it.

open rar file

Once the files have been extracted, you may click on them to start the download process and save them to your PC.