25+ Cute, Cheap & Easy DIY Plant Stand Ideas in 2022

Plants are a great way to bring nature into your home. A DIY plant stand is one of the hottest trends in interior design for 2022. Indoor plants are great for indoor living, no matter how tall or small they may be. You can also place them in your office or other places.

These cute little guys can be used to decorate any season, whether it’s winter or spring. You can place plants with DIY plant stands in any room of your home, including your living and dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. The way they are displayed is another important aspect. Plants displayed in plant stands look more sophisticated and modern. They can have a significant impact on your interiors and other decors. You can create the perfect atmosphere by adding greenery to your home.

We’ve got some creative and interesting DIY ideas for plant stands. While you can buy planters and stands online or in stores, there’s something special about making your own. While they may be easier to use, the store-bought ones will not add any personal touches or character to your space. Plus, they’re expensive!

These DIY plant stands will help you create the ideal atmosphere for your decors and interiors while staying within your budget. These indoor plant stands are easy to make. This activity can be done with your children. This project is easy and inexpensive for kids.

There are many different styles and designs of stands, including simple wooden stands as well as modern-looking ones. You can choose the one that suits your space best and decorate it however you wish. These plant stands are affordable and easy to make, but they will still look great. You can give your interiors a professional look by making an indoor plant stand DIY.

Are you ready to transform your home with these adorable indoor plant stands? Let’s start.

25+ Unique Indoor Plant Stand Ideas for Your Home & Office

These plant stand ideas will give your home, office or other space a fashionable look. Here’s a list of the top indoor plant stands. The following list has the best DIY plant stands ideas, so you can create a minimalist, modern or contemporary look.

These ideas can be completed in a matter of minutes and are easy to do for beginners. These DIY plant stands plans include instructions, color photos, as well as styling ideas. You only need to gather your materials, then you can start the process. Let’s begin.

Mid-Century Modern Plant Stand

diy plant stand

This style is very popular in the mid-century modern era. This DIY mid-century modern plant stand is the perfect decor piece. All you need to make this is some wood planks and some paint. This DIY mid-century plant stand can hold large pots and has a large base.

Minimal DIY Marble Plant Stand

diy plant stand

This marble stand will create a minimalist and modern ambiance. For the top, you will need some faux marble, wooden dowels and a square of wood. Make a square shape using the wooden dowels. Next, paint the dowels black. Then, add the faux marble stone to that. Your modern marble plant stand will be ready!

DIY Ladder Plant Stand

diy plant stand

Do you enjoy collecting plants? This is the DIY ladder-style plant stand that you need! This will give you plenty of space to place all your large and small plants. All you need to do this is a few simple tools and pine boards.

Floating Plant Shelf

Plant Wall Shelves | 5 Creative Ways to set up a Plant Shelfie - My Tasteful Space

This cute floating plant shelf will add some flair to boring windows. Two things are required: A wooden circle and yarn or macrame. The stand can be hung from the ceiling or placed in front of a sunny windows. This DIY project is simple and beautiful!

DIY Tall Plant Stand

diy plant stand

Plants at different heights can create a special atmosphere. This tall plant holder is ideal for this purpose. This minimalist stand can be made from pine wood or any other type of wood. This will add Scandinavian flair to your space.

A Colorful Book Plant Stand

diy plant stand

These book plant stands may be familiar to you from Instagram or other social media sites. These books are painted brightly in bold colors to add some color. They are then glued together to form a sturdy stand. It is a wonderful idea to create a plant stand out of old books.

DIY Piano Stool Stand

diy plant stand

This is another way to reuse your old stuff. You can transform an old piano stool into a beautiful plant stand. You just need to place the stool in a suitable spot, then add a plant. You can also give the stool a makeover by painting or decorating.

Copper Plant Stands

diy plant stand

Although these DIY copper plant stands look complicated, they are very easy to construct. Make some copper plant stands by buying some wire or making some. Then spray the copper paint on them. Finally, cover the top with inexpensive cotton rope. Now you can decorate your copper stand. This stand is perfect for modern and Boho interior designs.

Tiny Desk Plant Stand

diy plant stand

This adorable little wooden stand is so cute! This is easy to make in just a few minutes. Target and other local stores have all the necessary supplies. You can paint them in different colors and decorate your desk with them.

DIY Wire Plant Stand 

diy plant stand

You will need an old lamp shade to make these types of plant stands. Look for one with wires at the bottom and top. That’s it! You can change the design with wire cutters. You can make your planters stand out in your interiors by painting them in solid or matte black finishes, as well as gold finishes.

Drawer Plant Stand

diy plant stand

Are you a relic of an old work table? You can use one of the drawers from your old working table as a storage unit. This is a great idea: Turn an ordinary drawer into a unique stand for plants. This is a great way to reuse old furniture. Your stand is now ready to go!

DIY Multi-level Plant Stand

diy plant stand

This plant stand is ideal for people who have multiple plants, live in small spaces, or both. This DIY multi-level plant stand holds two small to medium-sized potted plants. It’s easy to assemble and can be decorated with modern decors.

This DIY plant stand has two tiers. It is tall with a small platform at its top and a shelf at its lower portion. It can hold two planters. The design can be modified to create unique indoor plant stands that will hold multiple plants.

Low Wooden Plant Stand Bench

diy plant stand

This adorable DIY plant stand bench is another great option for small plants. This wooden indoor plant stand is low-riding and can hold all your plants. The DIY wood plant stand makes watering easy because they are all placed in one place. This DIY plant stand can be used indoors and outdoors.

Accordeon Plant Stand

diy plant stand

This adorable little plant stand is just too cute to miss. This planter is a step ladder style and will look great on your windowsills. This stand can be adorned with many small planters, creating a natural look.

DIY Frame Plant Stand

diy plant stand

These modern plant stands look simple but are elegant. These modern plant stands will add some zest to your traditional-looking indoor plants. You will need some nails and wooden sticks to make this. You can simply make any shape you like from the sticks, and attach them to your wall with nails. These mid-century planter stand will add style to your space.

DIY Hanging Plant Stand

diy plant stand

This extraordinary plant stand will be a hit with everyone. Although it may seem difficult to construct, it is actually quite simple. You will need planks and cotton ropes to make this multi-shelf hanging plant stand. Refer to the image above for inspiration. The DIY Hanging Plant Stand can be hung in any room of your house, including the living or dining areas. This will be a great accent decoration in your room.

These are more ideas and inspirations for making plant stands at home.

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Final Thoughts

Which DIY Plant stand do you prefer for your home? We know that plant lovers are always looking for ways to add more plants to their homes, so stands such as these that we have mentioned are crucial. These DIY plant stands can be made quickly and are very affordable. You can make one or more depending on how much space you have for plant storage and the size of your apartment.

These indoor plant stands can be made from anything, including old trash cans, bins, and drawers. These inexpensive indoor plant stands will keep your plants in order and make your home look better.

I hope you found this blog helpful in making your own DIY plant stand. Don’t forget sharing this blog with your family and friends so they can make their own plant stands and decorate their homes.

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