15 Best Hidden Gun Concealment Furniture To Buy And Secure Your Weapons

It is a dangerous time in which we hear about new robberies all the time. Oft times, the government and police are not able or willing to protect citizens from such things. As individuals and as families, it is our duty to prevent antisocial psychopaths from roaming around like honey bees. This is why it’s important to keep these items safe in secret storage areas or gun concealment furniture.

You are responsible for protecting your firearms and other weapons. It is well-known that not all people have the means to hire a security guard. Your family and you could end up in deep trouble if your pet or child is neglected.

The concealment furniture looks just like normal furniture, but they are very discreet. Have hidden compartments that can hold your guns and valuables. Gun concealment furniture can be the most effective way to safeguard your gun from kids and thieves.

They are easily accessible in an emergency. They provide complete safety because you can only see their location. As we all don’t have enough knowledge about concealment furniture, we will first describe what concealment is and give you the advantages it has.

 gun concealment furniture

What is Concealment Furniture?

Any furniture can be used, however hidden compartments are possible. This can also be used to make a bed, table, or drawer. You can also use it as a table, drawer or sofa.

You can use it for normal furniture or gun storage. It is possible to store your weapon securely in the compartments that are easily accessible.

Gun concealment furniture: The benefits

Hidden gun storage furniture makes a fantastic addition to your house or workplace.

1. You can access your information quickly and securely

This furniture is specifically made to secure a weapon, and allows for quick access. Some furniture can be equipped with an RFID lock or magnetic locking system that allows for instant access. The gun is also kept safe from prying ears.

 gun concealment furniture

2. Contemporary Look

These reflect the latest trends. You can find them in many sizes and colors. You can match the one that you select to your home furniture.

3. Locks are more secure than ever

A gun with more security can be recognized by anyone, but it is difficult to identify a gun concealed behind furniture. It is impossible to know where the weapon is hidden, including under tables or behind a timer.

After reading this article, you can now learn about different types of gun concealment furniture. This is a complete list of 9 concealment items for guns.

1. RFID Concealment Shelf

 gun concealment furniture

 gun concealment furniture

This shelf is commonly thought to be a wall shelf. This is actually a concealment rack. This product is constructed from solid pine wood and features a polished, bright appearance. The RFID lock compartment is included. The foam insert and motion light are included. It is 48x12x4x4x4inches. The interior is 41x9x9.

2. Gun Concealment Clock

gun concealment furniture

Hidden compartment in this clock. Protecting your firearm with a clock is the best option. It is made of wood, and can serve both functional and decorative purposes. Hidden in the faces of clocks is a compartment which can be used as a cover for a gun. The magnetic clasp lock makes it simple to use. You can place this clock on any table or nightstand. The clock is the ideal choice for those who need small guns concealment furniture.

3. Espresso Table With Lift Top

gun concealment furniture

gun concealment furniture

The walnut rectangular coffee table looks great. This isn’t regular furniture. Two storage pockets are included in the Lift-Top. This compartment is ideal for storing your safety and weapons. Overall dimensions of the table are 53.0 x 29,.0x 9.0 inches

4. Curio Slider Cabinet Combination

gun concealment furniture

This might surprise you. It isn’t a bookcase, a curio or shelf that can be used by others. You can conceal your guns with this gun furniture. It has glass shelves, a slide cabinet and a display area that can be lit to show curios. Here you can keep your shotguns and rifles. The furniture is 56.0 inches by 21.0x 10.0 inches. These furniture looks great in your dining or living room.

5. Gun Concealment Drawer

gun concealment furniture

Another great option is to hide your gun in a drawer. It is possible to pull out the drawer without being noticed. We promise that this drawer will work like magic.

6. Gun Concealment Book

gun concealment furniture

You will find your enemy completely unaware and surprised. This is how it should be read. The gun concealment guide is able to hold one bullet. The gun storage furniture is one that’s most difficult to find. This box looks almost like a book but it is actually a safe container that can hold a gun. It’s amazing!

7. Rack for Weapon Concealing Coats

gun concealment furniture

This concealment gun is the best combination of both. With this furniture, you can protect your gun and coat. This is more of a coat/hat rack than a gun storage item. This piece can be easily incorporated with any other furnishings in your home and is a great way to store guns.

8. Gun Concealing Lamp

gun concealment furniture

One would never have believed that an ordinary nightlamp could be converted into a gun storage space. No one. The Gun Concealing Lamp allows you to rest peacefully. You can easily hide this furniture with bedroom accessories.

9. Romantic Furniture for Gun Concealers

gun concealment furniture

Another place you can hide your gun is in the artwork. As wall décor, this quote art is displayed on the bedroom’s wall. This is actually gun concealment furniture. The furniture can store large guns and is very cute.

10. CouchBunker Gun Safe

gun concealment furniture

The design is very similar to that of a regular sofa but hides a gun. The gun safe is hidden behind the couch you’re sitting on. The couch works exactly like any other regular sofa. It is 96 inches in height, 39 inches wide and 14 inches deep. You can add bulletproof cushions or a 2-hour firewall to it. You can take the cushions out to reach the guns. Another amazing thing about this product is the variety of fabrics and colors available. There are many options available to help you choose the right one for your family.

11. Secret Compartment Mirror

gun concealment furniture

You can conceal your guns with mirrors. Although it is hard to believe, this mirror shows that. Hidden in the rectangular mirror is the secret compartment. It is safe to store weapons in this area. For ammunition storage, mini shelves can be used. Mirrors are fragile and delicate, so be careful not to touch them. An identical mirror can also be installed in your home.

12. Executive Desk Gun Safe

gun concealment furniture

It is an excellent way to hide furniture at your office or workplace. The hidden compartment is located under the computer desk. Made from maple wood and solid oak, this furniture has four drawers along with two file drawers. The furniture also has plenty of storage for office supplies.

gun concealment furniture

This can also be used to store guns. Simply pull out your keyboard drawer to quickly access your weapon when you need it.

13. Mantle Gun Concealer

gun concealment furniture

The wall mantle has a hidden shelf. You can store weapons here. This wall mount is very difficult to reach. Easy to use, the magnetic lock is attached to the mantle. It opens quickly when required.

14. Picture Frame Gun Concealer

gun concealment furniture

You can conceal any safety weapons in a picture frame for your family. It can hold a whole pistol without revealing any details.

15. Gun Concealment Storage Bench

gun concealment furniture

This bench may look simple. You can store all your weaponry in this safe spot. To take your gun from any circumstance, you can raise the top of the bench. You can keep up to five guns at once.

The bench is 51 inches by 17 inches by 20 inches. You can use this bench as a sitting or regular bench. There are many colors to choose from and the feet can be made of durable, attractive plastic. You can place it in either your bedroom or living room.

This tactical gun furniture is essential for any licensed gun owner. It can be difficult to identify if gun concealment furniture belongs in normal furniture pieces or another piece. You only have a limited view of your guns. These can be put anywhere they want to be, as well as being used for multiple purposes.

These are my top secret furniture tips. Architecturesideas has more blogs about architecture, interior design & decoration.

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