10 Themed Restaurants in Dubai

themed resturants

It is not an accident that certain bars and restaurants do better than others. They are designed to do this. Our overall evaluation of a venue is influenced by how it makes us feel. This can be done through the use of effective design intent. Here’s our list of the most popular themed restaurants in Dubai right now.

10 Themed Restaurants in Dubai

#1. Mint Leaf

Modern Indian luxury is reflected in this sprawling DIFC branch of the renowned British Themed Dining Restaurants in Dubai. You won’t find any loud colors or over-designed elements. The interiors are a masterclass in restraint. The interiors glow in the golden glow from recessed lights and feature dark wood paneling with intricate henna designs.

#2. XVA Café

Mona Hauser’s love labor has seen her project, located in the heart of Bastakiya as part of the XVA Gallery. It is the best place to get authentic Dubai dining experiences. Mona Hauser and her team of A-list Middle Eastern designer have kept the original building, which was once home to the Seddiqi families, intact.
The cafe is located in the center of this sand-hued, upscale home. It is flanked by a wooden trellised corridor with earthy furniture and a wood-trellised corridor. The courtyard, which is an organic cafe by day and can be adapted to any design scheme, is well-known for hosting magical sit-down dinners or intimate parties. The best place in the Emirate to host an exclusive event, without the chintz. But it has a lot of personality.

#3. GQ Bar

The sleek, masculine VOGUE Café counterpart is spread over two floors. It has a dark and moody feel. Bash Hesnef designed this space to be a modern cigar lounge with a linear fireplace.
The ground floor bar is lit by classic glass drum lamps and smartly updated with a black projector wall streaming monochrome classics. This creates a halo effect. The second floor is reached via a darkly lit granite staircase. An electrical pergola system allows for an open-air, climate-responsive setting.

#4. Qbara

Glitt, a Tokyo-based interior design firm, designed Qbara. It is an innovative combination of traditional Middle Eastern cultural elements and contemporary design principles. The double aspect unites the two-story restaurant. The double-height bar-back is also included. This includes a custom installation of carved timber panels. It also acts as a projection surface to display 3D art and animations. It is one of the most popular -themed restaurants in Dubai.
The warm, confident spirit of fire greets you as you enter the bar. A modern, glass-encased fireplace will welcome and entertain you. You will also find a variety of fire-spreading displays at the bar. It is a fiery bar with crystal-encrusted walls. The glamorous look when set against rich flooring is also great. Traditional tapestry panels are a great way to give walls a sense of comfort and familiarity.

#5. TOKO Dubai

Australia’s most innovative culinary export is a modern interpretation of Japan.
VIDA has a dining area at its outpost. The terrace is large and elegant with a variety of Japanese umbrellas. This includes a private dining area as well as a cellar with glass boxes. With its high ceilings that curve and ebb, the lounge and bar area are a triumph. The bar is decorated with intricate wooden ribwork and salutes Japanese precision. It also embodies TOKO’s ethos brilliantly. Stone-clad walls make a great canvas for contemporary art installations.

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#6. Iris Dubai

Suzanne Nasr, a designer, was given the task of creating a tropical and modern escape in the city’s heart. Iris is located on the 27th floor at The Oberoi in Dubai. It has a luxurious feel due to its predominantly lightwood furniture. This list also includes high-gloss metallic lattices and minimalist black steel lights. A backlit terrace area is available to add a touch of luxury but not too intrusive.
The design code for the new indoor space is the same as that of the terrace. The space’s central bar is accented by funky false ceiling panels. The space’s design follows a grid of triangles that is echoed throughout. There are high-end community tables as well as cozy booths and bar seating. With the best themed restaurants in Dubai, you are sure to find the perfect place to celebrate in style.

#7. Em Sherif

The latest hot spot in downtown that makes it feel like you’re living in a beautiful Moorish villa. Perhaps it’s the hand-made floor tiles or the accent wall featuring an assortment of antique plates. The magical shade of blue that is casually applied to the walls. Mireille Hayek is the founder and owner of the brand, which is based in Lebanon. Her hands-on approach gives the luxurious space a personal, lived-in feel.
This home is filled with beautiful details that would make an old Lebanese house proud. Hayek’s personal touches create a feeling of comfort in a lavishly decorated space. This is a rare balance in luxury hotels.

#8. Eat Greek

Restaurants that focus on regional cuisine are often influenced by stereotypical images of their country. The good news is that Harrisons of London, designers, avoid this trap with not one single blue door. They have explored the taverna décor of the region and brought a modern view of Greece to The Beach at JBR.
The design scheme is anchored on a rich. The stunning birdcage chandeliers and the beautiful olive trees are very Greek. It is just stereotypical references to key design elements. It is a friendly, warm place that speaks to its time and is still recognizable as a region.

#9. Bapas

LW Design, a Dubai-based company, has achieved great success. It is aiming to create a relaxed and sleek atmosphere. It has increased the brand value and attracted critics. It also won many prestigious design prizes. Modern interpretation of traditional Belgian elements, with strong industrial accents. It’s a Gothic-inspired space that feels like home. The window with its elegant metal frames gives it an urban European feel.

#10. Cle Dubai

Greg Malouf’s venue is unrivaled in its name-dropping quality. Cle Dubai’s stellar collection of design icons is just amazing. It’s also one of the most themed restaurants in Dubai. It is a stunning constellation of Moooi lights globes that shines in the private dining area. It is also present in the Philippe Starck Gun lamps that adorn the lounge’s mirror-clad walls. Cle is a museum of classic modern design. As rotating wall panels enable seamless spatial experiences, the bar, dining area and lounge are lit.
It can change between different material and textures. The captivating mix of arabesque geometries gives it a subtle regional appeal and visual identity. The A-list hangout is set to the rich tones of smoked wooden, beveled mirrors and golden light orbs. An eclectic mix of furniture gives it a designer punch. This list features highly-respected pieces by Tom Dixon.

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