Comic Books In The Education Of The Childrens

Comic Books And Children

Does the child love reading comic books, are you in favor of or against? A very controversial topic is: “children like to read comic books, in the end, is it good or bad?”

Many parents have experienced, that children fell in love with comic books, we often worry that this “picture reading” will affect the child’s interest in the text books, and even let the children adversely affected. It should be said that such a worry is a certain truth if the child only reads comic books, or the choice of comic book grade is not high, it is difficult to make people optimistic. But parents also slowly found that the impact of comic books, not strong, to some extent, in fact, it is good because the reading of comic books can enhance reading interest.

We all experience the same childhood, a child particularly likes to see comics, and particularly have a strong attraction towards them, reading day and night, and simply cannot stop. In fact, small children’s basically reading ability is not strong, especially within 1 year old, said the high is 2 years old, based on age restrictions, children often like to see more pictures and fewer words. If the child does not have a strong reading ability, the parents should know how to pick the book.

Will Comic Books Affect “Textbooks”?

Because many parents are worried that “my family like to read comic books, will affect the text books and creative ability”.

Many cartoonists or writers have said that shortly after experiencing the reading of comic books during childhood, have seen an increased interest in reading and because of the love of reading comic books, grew up and started writing, drawing, painting and so on.

So the other side of the fear, we might as well focus on the “let the children love reading” mind, let their childhood be full of reading, no matter what book (except violence).

Love for the comic books developed a very high talent in drawing A lot of children love to draw, basically copies of their favorite comic books, and almost all the comic books have this impact on children. For young children, the field of painting more is not a bad thing, the child usually wants to see comics or cartoons, and almost all will try to copy the characters in their drawing games.

Education Through Comic Books

Nowadays the general level of education has improved, but the good material of education is less and all other materials are filled with too much violence. If the child is affected, try not to be too hard to stop them. After all, the child can see through friends that you can not stop, but the more curious they are, they will not stop.

In contrast to the impact of this problem, we can directly affect the child’s life, with a better taste of the books we choose to influence the child. The more the child sees, more naturally can distinguish good books from the bad books. And, more importantly, do not be afraid of the child detours, be afraid that the child took the detours, and that you did not help them to take the right path. Children love to read comic books, turn this love in loving to read “text books”.


Children love to read comic books, turn this love in loving to read “textbooks”. It is likely for a child to follow paths similar to the things he learns in his childhood. Do not be anxious, let it be natural. Just teach children to read. We should cultivate interest, rather than step by step educating the child and be teaching him what is good and what is wrong based on our own experience. If you really want to make a transition from comics to text-books, we recommend firstly books that are as fun as possible. Then gradually increase the seriosity of the books.

Sometimes the child’s road may be slower, but we have to learn to wait, rather than force the child into something that maybe he’s not prepared yet and eventually get to the point when he will hate to read everything.

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