The Vastness Of The Comic Books Genres

Comic Books Divided By Their Genre

People often dump all the comics in a heap, as if it were a single genre. But this is completely wrong since the comics have evolved a lot. And now history can see a variety of genres: science fiction, comic, military and others.

The popularity of genres from time to time changes, as we learned in the history of comic books. And knowing this, publishers regularly monitor fashion trends and try to produce only the literature that will be in demand. Because of such jumps artists and writers have to learn to draw comics in any genre, and true professionals usually easily cope with this task. How do they do it?

Firstly, each genre has its own rules, knowing that much easier to come up with the right story. Secondly, the inventors studied a large number of similar genre literature. If they are planning a comedy story, they read different style and types of comedy, if mysticism and horror, then, accordingly, studying the horror stories. So, you want to start drawing comics and be a professional comic artist. First things first, it is necessary to explore all the features of your selected genre.

  1. Science Fiction

For science fiction is taken almost every publisher, but not all turn out to develop such projects. Perhaps, the authors do not have enough imagination to write an exciting scenario, and perhaps people are just interested in reading traditional books, giving his own imagination to paint a picture of the future.

Nevertheless, if you decide to do it in this genre, then try to make the scientific part of the most reliable. For example, if you write that in 2150 people began to consume the pineapple caramel instead of protein, the reader will react to such a statement with great suspicion.

So, before you begin, ask yourself these questions: What comics of this genre I liked the most? How did it hook me? What can you take from these comic books and use in your own? What do I know about space, robots and modern technologies in these areas?


  1. Horror nightmares

Horror films include stories about monsters, zombies, and witches, as well as psychological thrillers. Werewolves and vampires have come from folklore and brought with them a number of rules (eg, destroy the vampire can only be done with a silver bullet). These rules are better not to change, otherwise, the reader will not believe in the existence of your fictional creatures.

Fortunately, in the culture of almost every nation there are their own stories about the evil – read what was written about vampires or werewolves in England, Bulgaria and Russia, write down your favorite features and use them in your comics. Just do not try to cover everything at once, create a set of several rules and stick to them throughout the narrative.

There is another similar genre of comics – nightmares. In contrast to the horror, which is usually described stories about all sorts of creeping reptiles, in nightmares, we are talking about a maniac. These comics do not require strong credibility, but to them, it is important to create the right atmosphere and mood.

  1. The military theme

Comics in the military genre talk about people’s trials, they are described and valiant deeds of heroes, and a war in general. Choosing a theme is better for those who are well versed in theory, or served in the military because the military comics require a lot of realism. If you do not have the necessary knowledge, and the theme is very likely to need such knowledge, try to explore other similar comics.

Please note that the story does not have to be told on behalf of the winner. For example, in the American comic book «Enemy Ace» the main character – the German pilot Hans von Hammer, which is today considered one of the most successful characters in the history of the military genre. Think about whether your story would captivate the audience and turn it upside down, to make it more exciting.

  1. Teenage humor

Coming up with a comedic story about teenagers is usually easy – you can rely on personal experience, watch your brothers or sisters. No specific knowledge is required here.

For the teen comedy, you will need the main character, his friends, enemies, and several adult scenes (school, street or a city). The plot is usually built around the standard themes such as “how to invite a classmate on a date”, “how not to fail the exam,” etc., as in the comics can be considered the specific issues that affect all students in a given time.

  1. Crime

In criminal comics, there is a pretty difficult fate since no fighting is worse than the struggling with real crime. American publishers had to get a special badge that said readers and their parents that the comic is suitable for all ages. Therefore, in no case could not be of criminal activity, as something attractive, and the main character always had to have time to detain the attacker. As a result, the authors wrote quite dull and lifeless comics that came out on the market, and almost immediately failed.

Who works in this genre are subject to less control, so you can draw anything. But in crime comics, as well as in military issues, you have to create the most authentic situations and characters. Well laid out, how the characters rob the bank as detectives calculated that it was they etc. In addition, crime is different, and if you write about Chicago gangsters, do not be lazy and read about them anywhere you find information.

  1. Romance

It is harder to write romance comics because it’s a quite worn out topic and to come up with something new is not easy every year. Because of this, many authors do not write individual graphic novels about love and make a romantic story to the plot comics other genres.

If you still talking about romance, as a separate genre, as a rule, the storyline in such works is built around a social difference, financial problems, career, training, global events. In addition, in gaining popularity comics there is already a new perspective and new possibilities of development of the themes of love.

Romance Comic Books

  1. Western

At the time, westerns used in the United States are no less popular. They began to lose ground in the second half of the 19th century, but now the Cowboys quickly recaptured the hearts of readers for as much as 10 years.

Cowboy era lasted in the US the entire 19th century. At this time, the Americans captured many lands and settlements, so that the cartoonists was and still is a wide choice in terms of plot. Action comics were built in and around large cities and small villages around, which had to lay railroad. Often this provincial town became victims of the buyers of land or politics, so there arose a lot of hassles. Residents of the city have been farmers, sheriffs, Mighty Avengers and civilized Americans, who came from the east coast.

Despite the fact that in the beginning it was said that these professionals can work in any genre – you do not necessarily strive for this. The majority of writers and artists are jumping from one topic to the other only by the fact that publishers want it. If you are not constrained by any contract, you can experiment a bit, and eventually to dedicate yourself to one favorite genre.