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Helping Aspiring Artists To Become More

To facilitate the work of a writer or a cartoonist, we’ve compiled a list of the different requirements, conditions and guidelines and helpful information about comic books.

We also have a few guidelines for amateur writers that want to start their career in comic books:

Every comic book should not exceed more than 20 pages long. If the series is longer we recommend that you limit it to no more than three parts of about 20 pages each, with the last part containing a clear end to the story. Then you can, of course, make a new story with the same characters.

Make sure that your comics are original otherwise no one will publish a comic book with characters or other content that other publishers or individuals own the rights to. There is, therefore, no point in thinking about creating a series in which Wolverine, Superman, Witchblade and other famous characters are included, eve if the story is original. Historical, mythological and classical literary characters are perfectly legal to use, but you should come with your own original characters!

A script should be well structured. In the introduction, we get to know the main character and find out what the problem is. For it is almost always some kind of problem. The situation, in general, is established. Do not overload the series with characters. For the author, it may be clear what is going on, but for the rest of us can only be messy and dull when it has many characters.

Remember that it’s hard to take long runs. One suggestion might be to divide the story into short independent sections. If you submit a script, it is good if you also send a summary text of no more than half a page, called a synopsis. A synopsis makes it easier for the publisher to interpret the script. If you want to use the figures you have not created yourself, you must first get permission from the character’s copyright owners.

We hope that all that we came up with will help you start your own comic series. And we’re looking forward to hearing about your success.