6 Most Beautiful Characters in Clash Royale

Comics are everything but a lost art. In fact, we can see that the comic style is what many developers use in mobile games to make their products unique and more artistic. We love to see cartoonish animations, and we have probably seen one of the best ones in Clash Royale. That is why we chose six most beautiful characters in this modern smartphone release.

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List Of Characters


clash royale knight

You might think that he looks a bit cliché, but the truth is that the portrayal of the Knight in Clash Royale is a real visual treat. Rumor has it that Barbarians are his cousins, which is he wants to look like an intelligent and well-nourished human being. He does leave that kind of impression once you check him out.

He has that British look of a gentleman, which may look a bit uptight to some people, but the ladies would certainly disagree. When you add the blonde moustache, you get the appearance of a true medieval knight.

Baby Dragon

clash royale knight

We’ve thought that we have seen it all when it comes to dragons, but Clash Royale managed to surprise us positively. Perhaps there is not anything spectacular about the Baby Dragon, but all details in the artwork are in place.

The green body and the warm eyes accompanied by sharp teeth and a blue tongue that sticks out more often than not makes you believe that it’s a creature looking to cuddle with someone. However, underestimating it would be a big mistake that can cost you your life.


clash royale executioner

In the medieval days, you needed to have guts to perform the job of the executioner. We are sure that some freaky minds dreamt about doing that job. Furthermore, we are confident they had the soft smile on their face during the ceremony just like the Executioner card in Clash Royale. There is something so wrong about it that makes the artwork perfectly right.


clash royale bowler

The bowler belongs to the troll family, and he seems like your ordinary friend from the local village. He has that cute innocent face that makes you believe he doesn’t have the slightest idea what’s going on. However, once he grabs his boulder, he knows how to perform a deadly strike.


clash royale musketeer

The beauty of the art style in the musketeer character is seen in one fact. The developers of Clash Royale took a different road and made this hero into a woman! And a pretty feisty woman with hair that is delicate and purple. Don’t be fooled by that because she will use it to her advantage and land a deadly blow with her broomstick.

Ice Golem

clash royale ice golem

We are used that Golems are made of mud or clay, which is why we applaud the creativity for the Ice Golem. Clash Royale features a creature we knew from movies and Jewish legends, but the only difference is that it is made of ice. We can also notice a collar that is probably made of coal that is there to make the Ice Golem more fashionable.

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