5 Cards with Unique Artwork in Clash Royale

All games produced by Supercell are incredibly popular, but Clash Royale might be the best one the Finnish development team ever created. Apart from enticing gameplay, designers also have a lot to do with the success of the game. They managed to create original artwork and the cartoonish style that Clash Royale features are something you can recognise after only a second or two.

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Now, let’s take a look at five cards with unique artwork in Clash Royale.

Inferno Dragon

clash royale inferno dragon

Inferno Dragon Card

We’ve seen hundreds of different artistic portrayals of dragons, but the Inferno Dragon card in Clash Royale is distinct because of one detail. The fantasy beast featured in Clash Royale wears a helmet on its head!

We can only assume that it is probably because he hit his head a bunch of times while he learned how to fly. That is why Inferno knows that safety precautions are crucial to have a safe flight. At least no one can say that the developers didn’t worry to send a positive message when doing the artwork.

clash royale golem

Golem Card


A golem is a creature from Jewish folklore entirely made of clay or mud. It was featured in numerous movies as both good and bad character, so it doesn’t come as strange that Supercell also found it inspiring for Clash Royale. If you look at his face, the Golem in this game leans towards the positive side of things. It has a broad smile that you have to love.

Although it seems appealing, Golem is an incredibly powerful card and belongs to the legendary category. Fortunately, the monster is peaceful and doesn’t try to destroy other human beings. Instead, it only attacks buildings. But, when it does that, it can deal incredible damage!


clash royale minions

Minions Card

The Despicable Me series ultimately overturned the meaning of the word minions. Now everyone sees them as small yellow creatures in blue jeans. However, Clash Royale decided to go in a different direction with the artwork.

In this game, the minions are blue and a bit less likable. They might even remind you of trolls, although they have wings and can fly. Their moves are quick, and they can be a powerful attacking weapon.

clash royale giant

Giant Card


Ever seen a bold giant? If you ever played Clash Royale, I’m sure that the answer is yes. The unique artistic style of the game seems to feature the giant as a bit old creature, considering that his head is lacking hair. However, with years comes great experience, which is why the giant is extremely durable and useful.

Although he doesn’t have hair, he does have big eyebrows and sideburn to make him distinctive from others (apart from the fact that he is a giant, that is).

Three Musketeers

clash royale three musketeers

Three Musketeers Card

Supercell is all about equality, and they showed that with their three musketeers’ artwork. Believe it or not, the Musketeers in Clash Royale are women! In fact, very competent women since it will take nine elixirs to send them to the battlefield. That means you have to treat them with utmost respect or you might end up losing a match if you are on the wrong side of the arena.

Featured photo credits: DeviantArt ninjakimm

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